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Father McShane Addresses Faculty, Charts Course for the Future


Father McShane Addresses Faculty, Charts Course for the Future

During his first major address as Fordham’s 32nd president, Joseph M. McShane, S.J., celebrated university-wide accomplishments and emphasized the importance of teamwork as the University strives to reclaim “its rightful position as the premier Catholic institution of higher learning in North America.”

Father McShane lauded the faculty’s scholarly prowess during the fifth annual faculty convocation on Sept. 4. He provided a school-by-school account of the dozens of books published, articles written and lectures presented by Fordham professors during the previous academic year. He also congratulated the Law School and the Graduate School of Social Work for their 31st and 11th place rankings in U.S. News & World Report, respectively.

Father McShane, who emphasized the importance of prestigious fellowships during his tenure as dean of Fordham College at Rose Hill, recognized the 20 awards received by students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. He also noted the international accolades garnered by the Rose Hill and Lincoln Center debate teams and the hard work being done on a daily basis by Graduate School of Education students in the New York City school system.

In addition to praising faculty, staff and administrators for their hard work and dedication, the new president also reflected on the many challenges facing the University in the coming years, such as an ambitious $325 million fundraising campaign and the challenges still faced by the Marymount campus. Although the silent phase of the campaign has already raised $91.3 million and Marymount enrollment is increasing, Father McShane implored those present to play an active role in shaping Fordham’s future.

“The state of the University is good, but its prospects are even better,” said Father McShane.

During his State of the University address, Father McShane discussed the realities of the increasingly competitive climate of higher education, particularly in New York City. He emphasized the importance of strategic planning as well as an integrated marketing effort characterized by a consistent message, look and feel.

“For us to make our way in this new competitive climate, we have to plan,” said Father McShane, before a crowd of nearly 400 members of the University community gathered together in the McGinley Center Ballroom. “We have to chart our future, lest it be charted for us.”

During the convocation proceedings, John Hollwitz, Ph.D., vice president for academic affairs, welcomed new faculty members, congratulated those who had been promoted or tenured and paid tribute to those who retired last year.

— Ryan Thompson

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