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Professor Carl Felsenfeld Banks on Fordham Law School

After retiring from Citibank in 1983, Carl Felsenfeld embarked on a second career as a professor of banking law at Fordham Law School. The last two decades, he said, have been the happiest time of his professional life.

“I’m very indebted to Fordham,” said Felsenfeld. “I love the school, I love my colleagues and I love the work. The school has done wonderful things for me.”

Together with his wife, Judith, Felsenfeld sought a way to express his gratitude and decided that making a bequest to Fordham Law School would be an appropriate gesture. Felsenfeld recalls being overwhelmed by the school’s gratitude in response.

“Unfortunately, there are too many examples where the school doesn’t learn about a bequest until the donor has gone,” said Felsenfeld. “I hope this prompts many Fordham Law alumni as well as my colleagues to inform the school of their bequest plans while there’s still time to thank them in person.”

Felsenfeld’s bequest is designated for Fordham Law School’s unrestricted fund, thus providing the school’s dean with the greatest leeway for its use.

For additional information about planned giving opportunities at Fordham, contact Judith Katz, director of gift planning, at (212) 636-7957.

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