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Exceptional Graduates in the Class of 2004



Fordham Students
Fly High with NASA

An industrious student team of aspiring scientists from Fordham College at Rose Hill experienced zero gravity in March as part of NASA’s Reduced Gravity Student Flight Opportunities Program. The Fordham team—seniors Eve Stenson, Peter D’Amico, Meghan McDonald, Kelly Sheridan and Michael Thorne—competed against 117 teams from around the country to win a coveted spot in the 2004 program.

In addition to tumbling in a weightless environment, the students conducted research aboard the famed Boeing KC-135 plane used by NASA to simulate a reduced-gravity environment. Sponsored by NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, the program allows students to propose and design reduced-gravity research experiments that can be tested on the KC-135, an aircraft originally used by astronauts to prepare for space flights.

Inside Fordham is pleased to highlight eight members of the class of 2004 on the following pages, who, like these students, have enriched the greater Fordham community with their hard work, passion and dedication.

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Gardner Loulan
Irreverent Film Lands Student a Job with MTV


Sara Von Burg
Special Education Focus
Reflects Graduate’s Mission

Yusha-Marie Sorzano
Dancer Combines Her Passions for Art and Education

Maria Soto
NYC Teaching Fellow
Trades International
Consulting for Teaching

Larry Perez
Business Administration Major Satisfies Theater Bug at Oxford

Christopher Valente
2004 Fordham Valedictorian Provides Service Through His Love of Biological Science

Mathew McGarry
Extensive International Development Work
Leads to Catholic Relief Service’s Fellowship

Kim Ferdinando
Energy, Ingenuity and Talent Land Graduate Job at NBC

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