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Historian Traces Jewish Immigrants’ Path to
Success in New York

The story of Jewish immigrants making their way to, and struggling to succeed in, the United States is a rich and varied one that can be felt deeply in New York City.
MIt’s a story that Daniel Soyer, Ph.D., is well-versed in.


Researcher Examines Link Between
Masculinity and Mental Health

At the top of a long list of gender stereotypes is a central tenet: Real men don’t cry. But unfortunately, such attitudes, as well as many other expectations that men feel they must live up to, can drive some to desperation.
MThose are the attitudes that Daniel Coleman, Ph.D., is working to change.


Crossing Cultures for Kids with Special Needs

In her forthcoming book, Chun Zhang, Ph.D., writes that as students in U.S. public schools have become more ethnically and linguistically diverse, the demographics of teachers have remained relatively the same—more than 85 percent white.




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