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The Dark Side of Globalization:
When Authoritarian Countries Reap Benefits of International Investment

If you are a CEO today, you can situate your company’s facilities anywhere in the world, no matter how remote, thanks to advances in communications and transportation.
MBut the freedom to locate anywhere that can help a firm’s bottom line also has some important social and political implications, says Ida Bastiaens, Ph.D., assistant professor of political science.


Beth Vallen:
Chowing Down on the Ethics of Food Marketing

February represents that time of year when the post-holiday diets converge with the pre-swimsuit exercise regimen. All that discipline can wear a dieter down, says Beth Vallen, Ph.D., assistant professor of marketing in the Schools of Business. As spring approaches, passing the glazed doughnuts in the corner coffee cart becomes all the more challenging.


‘Surface Stability’ Masks Troubles in China’s Legal System, Law Professor Says

To see the need for reform in China’s legal system, Carl Minzner says, look to the local level, where judges sometimes resort to settling disputes by passing out cash to mollify the adversaries.
MIt is one example of a troubling trend in China, he said—that conflicts are being resolved not by law but by politics and a desire for expediency.




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