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Communications Professor Casts a Critical Eye
on Silicon Valley Culture

The promise of social media when it first appeared in 2006 as “Web 2.0” was a lofty one. Sign up for Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube, the thinking went, and the right amount of self-promotion, cleverness, and moxie could make you rich and famous.
MThe folks who created Web 2.0 felt the same way about themselves. All one needed to strike it rich, it was believed, was a revolutionary idea and a mastery of programming. 
MAlice Marwick, Ph.D., says that archetype of the self-made entrepreneur is largely a myth.


The Ebb and Flow of Roger Panetta

"On the ferry-boats, the hundreds and hundreds that cross, returning home, are more curious to me than you suppose..."
MSo wrote Walt Whitman in an era before the Brooklyn Bridge was built, a time when the only way to get from the City of New York to the then-City of Brooklyn was via ferry. It's a part of the city's history that Roger Panetta, Ph.D., lecturer in history, would like to see revitalized.


The Loneliness of Sovereignty

The modern consumer need only start her car or heat his house to understand why oil is a keystone of global commerce. Less obvious, however, are the political and economic attitudes that formed the bedrock of industry in its early days.
MChristopher Dietrich, Ph.D., an assistant professor of history, argues that oil production in the 20th century is linked to the redistribution of power in what he calls the “high era of decolonization.”




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