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Transforming Initiative VII

Transforming Initiative VII

Growth and Wise Stewardship of Enabling Resources

Much of the strategic plan’s execution hinges upon having or developing sufficient resources. Toward that end, the University set the following goals.

Grow the Endowment to $1 Billion by 2011 and to $2 Billion by 2016. Owing to wise investment and good stock market performance, by the end of fiscal year 2007, the endowment had grown to $513 million. (See Figure 16.)

Build Annual Alumni Participation Rates to 35 percent for the Undergraduate Programs and the Law School. Alumni participation for reachable undergraduate alumni has risen from 13 percent to 22 percent from fiscal year 2004 to 2007. (See Figure 17.) In fiscal year 2007, 19 percent of Law School alumni contributed.

Complete a $500 Million Capital Campaign by 2011, and Continue Fundraising Activities Beyond that Date. The University has raised $174.2 million toward the 2011 goal. (See Figure 18 for annual contributions.)

“If we are to achieve the bold dreams that we have set for ourselves as we prepare to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the University’s founding, we must do all that we can to seek the financial resources that will enable us to move into the front ranks of America’s colleges and universities. ....Achieving these fund raising goals will ensure that we will have the resources necessary to support and advance the initiatives outlined in the Strategic Plan, and enable us to make significant progress toward achieving our Vision for the future” (Toward 2016).

Figure 16
Figure 17
Figure 18
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