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Richard Viladesau:
Marking Theology Through the Emotional Landscape of a Painting

On the cover of Richard Viladesau’s new book is a richly detailed image of suffering. It is a painting of Christ on the cross—his body sagging, his head drooping, his hands and feet pinned to the cross with sharply rendered nails.
MIt’s a stark image meant to evoke stark emotions—compassion, adoration, gratitude, pity.


Measuring and Making a Difference:
Margo Jackson Sizes Up Racial Microagressions

Measuring the hurt resulting from unintentional racial slights can prove difficult, but it’s just that sort of subtle undermining of an individual’s morale that drives the research of Margo A. Jackson, Ph.D., associate professor of psychology in the Graduate School of Education.


Culture, Trauma and Migration Intersect
in Psychologist’s Research

Andrew Rasmussen, Ph.D., an associate professor of psychology and director of the master’s program in applied psychological methods, says that despite the more severe experiences that lead refugees to migrate, there is a remarkable overlap in the ways that both voluntary migrants and refugees cope with the stress of relocating




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