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ordham Voices is an ongoing oral history project that chronicles the Fordham experience through remembrances by alumni.

The project began at Homecoming 2008, when staff members fanned out across the Rose Hill campus to solicit stories from all generations of graduates. A similar effort at Jubilee 2009 led to even more anecdotes.

Each student’s time at Fordham is unique, yet all alumni are bound to each other by the history and traditions of a common university. A listen to this audio archive will yield stories that are sometimes funny, often touching, but always uniquely Fordham.

Please check back from time to time, as more stories will be uploaded after major alumni events.

To hear Fordham Voices, you will need to have QuickTime installed on your system.


Matteo Joseph Roselli (FCRH ’44)
World War II Service in Italy

Gabriel Vitalone (FCRH ’44)
An Impromptu Football Rally

Gabriel Vitalone (FCRH ’44)
ROTC at Fordham

Leonard Baker (FCRH ’49)
Diversity in the 1940s

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John Countryman (FCRH ’54)
Fordham’s First Fulbright

Bill Crowley (FCRH ’56)
Baseball Travels with Jack Coffey

Philip Lynch (FCRH ’56)
Squash Glory

Dick Scallon (FCRH ’58)
Rescued by the Navy

Dick Scallon (FCRH ’58)
A Traumatic Experience

Eileen Halligan (UGE ’59)
From 302 Broadway to the Readeway

Bob McGrath (FCRH ’59)
A Science Story

Bill Pascrell Jr. (FCRH ’59) (GSAS ’61)
Day Hopping from New Jersey

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Patrick Burke (FCRH ’63)
Beating NYU on TV

Dianne Cavaluzzi (UGE ’64) (GSE ’67)
Best of Both Worlds

Marie Suzanne Niedzielska (TMC ’69) (GSAS ’79)
A Handy Windbreaker

David Ross (FCRH ’69)
The Coming of Enrico Pavoni

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Terri Jasek Kelly (TMC ’71)
Women Cheerleaders

Ed Behn
(FCRH ’72)
Managing the Ramskeller
Ed Randall (FCRH’74)
Baseball Play-by-Play

John Tognino (FCLS ’75)
He Looks Like a Young Guy

John Tognino (FCLS ’75)
Studying at Duane Library

Robert Harlem (FCRH ’79)
Night Security at Duane Library

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Richard Platoni (FCRH ’82)
Three Months as the Ram

Mary Fedeli (CBA ’84)
Camaraderie at Susan Devin

Karen Burke Ronsivalle (FCRH ’88)
Remembering Harry B. Evans

Scott (CBA ’89) and Grace (FCRH ’88) Shickler
Sparks on the Ram Van

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Paul Nisco (FCRH ’90)
Travels in the U.S.S.R.

Amy Williams Downey (FCRH ’99)
A Lucky Break

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Michael Moriarty (FCRH ’05)
WFUV Opportunities

Jessica Nielsen (FCRH ’08)
Cheerleading Spirit

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