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Fall/Winter 2005-2006

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Fall/Winter 2005-06

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Pop Matters in the Classroom
Professors are recruiting movies, music and TV shows for a higher purpose. Many in academia are welcoming this trend as a much-needed way to communicate; others are more skeptical.

A Tale of Two Careers
Mary Bly, Ph.D.—aka Eloisa James—teaches Shakespeare and writes Regency romances with sense and sensibility.

Educating China Inc.
The Beijing International MBA Program brings rigorous Western-style business training to capitalism’s Wild East and nurtures an international mentality among its students.

A Legacy of Service
Fordham Law School’s centennial celebration, which began with a symposium on the work of U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, is animated by an unprecedented public service pledge.

Annie Parisse: Standout Character
The newest star on TV’s longest-running primetime drama is known for her intelligent approach to character, and for keeping her fellow performers on their toes.


Never Have Your Dog Stuffed and Other Things I’ve Learned
By Alan Alda, FCRH ’56, 224 pages. New York: Random House, 2005. $24.

10 Secrets My Dog Taught Me: Life’s Lessons From a Man’s Best Friend
By Carlo De Vito, FCRH ’85, 160 pages. Emmaus, Pa.: Rodale Publishing, 2005. $12.95.

Kiss Me, Annabel
By Eloisa James, 383 pages. New York: Avon Books, 2005. $6.99.

New York Night: The Mystique and Its History
By Mark Caldwell, Ph.D., professor of English at Fordham University, 404 pages. New York: Scribner, 2005. $30.

Nota Bene

Nota Bene image 
Kevin M. Cahill, M.D. (left), and John D. Feerick, former dean of Fordham Law School, at the American Irish Historical Society on Oct. 19. photo by Edward Keating
For more than 45 years, Kevin M. Cahill, M.D.—a 1957 graduate of Fordham College at Rose Hill and, since December 2001, the director of the University’s Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs—has been a doctor without borders. He has undertaken medical and humanitarian missions in more than 60 countries, including some of the world’s most troubled areas. Originally published more than a decade ago, these excerpts from To Bear Witness: A Journey of Healing and Solidarity (Fordham University Press, 2005), a collection of Dr. Cahill’s writings, still resonate, in light of recent and ongoing humanitarian crises: the devastation of the U.S. Gulf Coast in the wake of hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the war in Iraq, and the Kashmir-centered earthquake that killed and left homeless tens of thousands in Pakistan and India.


Many Faiths, Little Hope

In Brief

Rev. George J. McMahon, S.J., Former Dean and Administrator, Dies
Checcio Named Vice President
Fortune Shines on Fordham Business
When the Green Flag Went Up
Marymount College to Be Phased Out
Students Rally for Hurricane Relief
On Katrina, Race and Poverty
Model Service
Hansen Named Diplomat-in-Residence
Panelists Discuss Role of Debate in the Catholic Church
Cardinal Dulles Explores Pope’s Views on Vatican II


The Tales That Bind
Ethics Center Earns Grant

Alumni Notes


A Half-Century of Honors
The Fordham College at Rose Hill Honors Program celebrated its 50th anniversary with a Nov. 5 panel discussion and reception in Duane Library.

On the Shoulders of Giants
Spero Dedes (FCRH ’01) is the most recent Fordham-trained sportscaster to hit it big.

Passion Play
A Q&A with women's basketball coach Jim Lewis and men’s basketball Coach Dereck Whittenburg.

University Mourns Passing of Wellington Mara


Fordham Remembers
By Lt. Col. Bruce A. Laue, New York Army National Guard

Each November, Fordham remembers its alumni veterans with a week of activities and ceremonies. But last year’s observances were made especially memorable by the dedication of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaque, now on permanent display in the Rose Hill Gym.

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