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Steven DiSalvo, Ph.D. (FCRH '84, GBA '90, GSE '02)

Making Philanthropy a Trend, Not Just Trendy

Steven DiSalvo, Ph.D.
Photo by Chris Taggart
It’s hip to be generous, and three-time Fordham alumnus Steven DiSalvo, Ph.D., could not be more pleased.

In the last year, Warren Buffett has pledged to give $31 billion to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Oprah Winfrey has opened two schools for poor South African youth, and former President Bill Clinton has been recognized for the way innovative ways his foundation is fighting HIV/AIDS in Africa and creating a new model for social change.

“Bill Gates and Warren Buffet and Bill Clinton have taken this topic reserved for the elite and made it mainstream in a short period of time,” said DiSalvo (FCRH ’84, GBA’90, GSE ’02), a managing director at Archimede Philanthropy Partners. “There’s such a thing as good planning and dumb luck, and we had both.”

DiSalvo and his colleagues at Archimede work with individuals, families and foundations to help them make the most of their philanthropic efforts. The company, a division of Changing Our World, a national fundraising consulting firm, takes its name from Archimedes, the ancient Greek mathematician who famously said, “Give me a lever and a place to stand, and I will move the world.”

DiSalvo said he would like to create an interdisciplinary course in philanthropy at Fordham and other schools, one that might introduce students to experts in the field and “broaden their horizons about how to make an impact.”

Last fall, he met one Fordham student eager to do just that. Prescott Loveland, president of the University’s Student Global AIDS Campaign, has been working as an intern at Archimede since November. The experience, he said, has introduced him to new ways of “engaging in the world constructively.” Loveland, an Fordham College at Rose Hill senior concentrating in American Catholic Studies, plans to work at Archimede full time after he graduates in May.

“Prescott’s been a fantastic addition to our team,” said DiSalvo. “It’s been incredibly satisfying to be able to mentor a student through the process—not only to help him find a good place to work, but to help him enhance a skill set around something he’s passionate about.”

Read more about Prescott Loveland, who has studied HIV/AIDS policy in Thailand as a Matteo Ricci Fellow.

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