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Be Part of the Conversation…

Fordham’s News and Media Relations Bureau is recruiting faculty to be interviewed on their areas of expertise by the news media. Fordham’s nearly 700 faculty have a tremendous, and largely untapped, capacity to contribute to and shape public discourse through engagement with print and broadcast journalists on topics in the news.

The News and Media Relations Bureau receives daily requests for faculty experts in a wide range of subjects: finance, botany, politics, history, law, theology and business, to name a very few. Given the nature of the media business, some specialties are more in demand than others, but we never know when a reporter, producer or editor will call with a request for scholar versed in some hitherto overlooked area of expertise.

In addition to responding to media requests, the Bureau is constantly researching Fordham faculty, and (with their permission), pitching individuals and programs to print, broadcast and new media as subjects worthy of coverage. We are always looking for faculty who want to communicate their passion for a subject to a broader audience.

Part of the mission of the News and Media Relations Bureau is to expand the media discourse: to share scholarship beyond the relatively narrow confines of the academy. We believe one way to increase the general public’s appreciation for the role of the university in American life is to speak to the public with clarity, passion and intellectual rigor. Likewise, we believe Fordham faculty are ideally suited to that mission.

Contact us today and be part of the conversation.

Bob Howe, Director of Communications
News and Media Relations Bureau  
(212) 636-6538

Gina Vergel, Assistant Director of Communications
News and Media Relations Bureau  
(212) 636-6534


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