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Lloyd Brown, FCLS Evening Division
Patricia Cody, FCLS Evening Division
Christopher Dincuff, GBA


Giovanna G. Gambale, FCO'96, sister of Matthew Gambale, CBA'02
Cora Holland, mother of Nathaniel Holland, FCLC'05
John Katsimatides, brother of George Katsimatides, LAW'04
Joel Miller, stepfather of Maxwell Sivin, LAW'03
Richard Todisco, father of Lisa, CBA'02, and Gregory Todisco, CBA'05


Gary M. Albero, CBA'85
Joseph R. Allen, FCO'84
Michael J. Armstrong, FCLC'90
Nicholas Brandemarti, CBA'01
Matthew J. Burke, FCO'95
Thomas J. Celic, GBA'82
Christopher Clarke, CBA'90
Kevin F. Cleary, Esq., LAW'91
Scott Thomas Coleman, GBA'00
Patricia M. Colodner, FCLC'95
Thomas P. Cullen, FCO'92
Dwight D. Darcy, Esq., FCO'67, LAW'71
John J. Doherty, GBA'81
Sareve Dukat, GBA'81
Andrew Fisher, GBA'92
Thomas J. Fitzpatrick, GBA'92
Cono E. Gallo, GBA'01
Giovanna G. Gambale, FCO'96
William A. Gardner, CBA'77
Rev. Francis Grogan, CSC, GSRRE'68
Linda C. Lee, Esq., LAW'94
Thomas Anthony Mahon, CBA'86
Christian H. Maltby, FCO'86
John F. McDowell Jr., CBA'91
Eskedar Melaku, GBA'01
John M. Moran, Esq., LAW'94
James M. Patrick, CBA'93
Everett M. Proctor III, CBA'79
Robert D. Pugliese, CBA'76
Joseph Roberto, CBA '86, GBA'90
John P. Salamone, GBA'97
Kevin T. Szocik, CBA'97
Michael Tamuccio, CBA '85
Peter M. West, Pharm.
David H. Winton, CBA'94
Joseph J. Zuccala, GBA'74


Mark Bavis, brother of Kelly Bavis Morrissey, FCO'90
Philip Calcagno, father of Kristine Calcagno, GBA'97
Stephen J. Cangialosi, son of Thomas J. Cangialosi, DDS, FCO'56
Linda M. Hernandez Colon, cousin of Kimberly-Marie Colon, FCO'88
Jonathan Connors, brother of James E. Connors, Esq., LAW'75
John Crisi, husband of Rafaella Iannuzzo Crisi, FCLC'78
Beverly Curry, wife of Frederick Eugene Curry, GBA'97
Joseph Della Pietra, brother of Christopher Della Pietra, Esq., LAW'92
Brendan Dolan, brother of Ann Dolan, FCO'95
James Domanico, husband of Marguerita DiPrima Domanico, FCLC'73
John Michael Duffy, Esq., LAW'63, lost a child
Edward T. Fergus Jr., son of Edward T. Fergus, Esq., UGE'58, LAW'62
Richard K. Fraser, son-in-law of Joseph J. Sullivan Jr., FCO'58
Kevin Frawley, husband of Tierney Mooney Frawley, CBA'01
Anthony Edward Gallagher, son of Edward J. Gallagher, FCO' 57, brother of Carolyn Gallagher, FCO'90, nephew of Robert E. Gallagher, FCO'55
Peter Victor Genco, brother of Jennifer Genco, FCLC'92
Dennis James Gomes, brother of Bruce J. Gomes Sr., CBA'78, GBA'80
Lt. Joseph Gullickson, FDNY, cousin of Peter Batten, LAW'82 and uncle of Betsy Maldonado, FCLC'96 LAW'03
Thomas Hynes, son of Ann F. Hynes, GSAS'66
Edward Keane, brother of Edith Keane Hogan, UGE'53, and Margery Keane Delaney, UGE'61
Helen Crossin Kittle , daughter of Agnes, LAW'65, and William Crossin, Esq., LAW'63
Diane Lapari, wife of Edward Tighe, Esq., LAW'82
Brian Logler, CBA'90, lost his sister
Michael Lynch, husband of Michelle McGorty, CBA'87
Sean and Farrell Lynch, cousins of Christine, FCO'93, and Peter O'Rourke, Esq., FCO'87, LAW'90
Michael J. McCabe, son of Eugene McCabe, Esq., LAW'48
Joan McConnell , wife of Thomas Cullinan, GSAS'77
Ann McGovern, mother-in-law of Dorothy C. Hanley McGovern, FCO'81
Frances Noel McGuinn, son-in-law of Alan Sofia, FCO'51
Bob McPadden, FDNY, husband of Katherine Bambrick McPadden, GBA'99
Marc A. Murolo, brother of Cathy Lynn Murolo Roberti, FCO'90
James Murphy, brother of Elizabeth Murphy Cooke, FCO'87; nephew of Sr. Kathleen Fagan, Marymount College'63, trustee
Nancy O'Brien Murphy, CBA'91, lost her two brothers-in-law
Robert E. Parks Jr., brother of Carol Parks Clancy, CBA'82, GBA'87
Joseph Roberto, CBA '86, GBA'90, brother of Lorraine Roberto Caizzo, CBA'88
Chief Fred Scheffold, FDNY, father of Karen, FCO'92, and Kim Scheffold, FCO'91
Adele Sessa, sister of Alberico Sessa, FCO'93
Daniel L. Smith, husband of Mary Harkin Smith, FCO'75
Andrew Spencer, brother-in-law of Margaret Marrin-Spencer, FCO'90
Patrick Sullivan, brother of Gregory Sullivan, CBA'90
Charles Waters, husband of Barbara Lynch Waters, FCO'77
John W. Wright Jr.,son of John W.,FCO'63, and Virginia Kelly Wright, UGE'64; cousin of Kathleen P. Kelly, Esq., LAW'00; nephew of Robert J., FCO'63, and Richard B. Kelly, UGE'67; brother-in-law of John G. McCarthy, Esq., FCO'88, LAW'91


Sandy Ayala, nephew of Carmen Leon, Enrollment Services
Ronald Bucca, FDNY, cousin of Karen Samuelson, FCO'96, Undergraduate Admission
Lt. Vincent Giammona, FDNY, brother of Linda Giammona, Development
Richard Madden, son of Robert Madden, Professor, Business Administration
Michael McHugh Jr., son of Michael McHugh Sr., Security
Lizette Mendoza, sister of Eduardo Rodriguez, FCO'99, Student Activities
Gregory Rodriguez, son of Orlando Rodriguez, Professor, Arts and Sciences
Stephen Strobert, son of Barbara Strobert, Professor, Graduate Education
Jeff Walz, cousin of Dorothy Siegel, Controller's Office


Tom Brennan, nephew of Sr. Trinity Brophy, R.S.H.M, '50, Marilyn Brophy Shannon, '49, and cousin of Andrea Shannon Sweeney, '84
Gary Koecheler, husband of Maureen Devlin Koecheler, '67
George Morell, brother of Rita Morell Shea, '63
Peter Mulligan, son of Nancy Dwyer Mulligan, '65, nephew of Katherine Dyyer Atanasio, '74, and grand nephew of Marie Dwyer Fallon, '33
James Murphy, nephew of Sr. Kathleen Fagan, R.S.H.M, '63
Kevin Murphy, son of Sally Heyser Murphy, '58 and nephew of Sr. Mary Heyser, R.S.H.M, '62
Daniel O'Callaghan, uncle of Christine Hughes-Begos, '91
Thomas Palazzo, nephew of Sarah Belson Hickey, '63
Christopher Pickford, cousin of Christine Hughes-Begos, '91

This list has been compiled through information received by family and friends of those named, and wherever possible, has been verified through other sources. Because of the complexity involved to confirm the accuracy of this information, we recognize that this list may be incomplete. Every effort is being made to gather and verify information, and we will continue to post updates as they become available. If you have confirmed information you wish to share regarding a member of the Fordham community lost or missing in the events of September 11, 2001, please email the Office of Public Affairs at
Contact: Elizabeth Schmalz
212 636 6531

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