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The Beneventan script is a calligraphic text hand used in southern Italy and Dalmatia principally between the tenth and thirteenth centuries. Most items in the script were written for monastic houses and contain liturgical texts, but there are significant classical, medical and historical texts copied in the script. The study of Beneventan manuscripts is a developed scholarly field, with regular conferences and sessions at conferences, dissertations on Beneventan topics, and the regular discovery of hitherto unknown items written in the script. This work is reflected in an annual bibliography (BMB: Bibliografia dei manoscritti in scrittura beneventana) hosted by the Università di Cassino, Italy, and available online. Projects to study materials in the script include the Monumenta liturgica beneventana, and Thomas Kelly and Matthew Peattie's project to edit all the items of Beneventan chant. The Society for Beneventan Studies promotes the study of manuscripts containing Beneventan script, and related materials.

PHOTO CREDIT: Los Angeles, J. Paul Getty Museum, MS. LUDWIG IX 1, Breviary from Montecassino (image from wikimedia commons)