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Fall 2009

Lincoln Center Course Schedule for FALL 2009

Day Courses
AFAM 3030-L01 African American Women Watkins Owens T 2:30-5:15
COMM 3309-L01 Children and Media Jackaway MW 10:00-11:15
ENGL 3440-L01 Victorian Cosmopolitanisms Vranjes S MW 11:30-12:45
FREN 3340-L01 Neo-Class French Women Writers Clark C MR 10:00-11:15
POSC 3501-L01 Third World Politics Berger MW 1:00-2:15
SOCI 3670-L01 Hispanic Women Rodriguez MW 1:00-2:15
WMST 3020-L01 Histories and Texts Fermon MW 1:00-2:15
Evening Courses
ANTH 3193-C01 People of the Midde East Karl W 6:00-8:45
ECON 3563-C01 Labor Economics Barry T 6:00-8:45
PHIL 3907-C01 Existentialist Feminism Babich M W 6:00-8:45
PSYC 3810-C01 Trauma and Family Violence Silton R 6:00-8:45
SOCI 3504-C01 Work and Family Morett R 6:00-8:45
WMST 3607-C01 Women's Art & Literature Cooper M 6:00-8:45

Rose Hill Course Schedule for FAll 2009

Day Courses
PHIL 3720-R01 African american Philosophy Green MR 10:00-11:15
PSYC 3600-R01 Multicultural Issues Seixas TF  2:30-3:45
PSYC 3700-R01 Human Sexuality Wade MR 10:00-11:15
SOCI 3402-R01 Sociology of Sex Roles Nerio TF 1:00-2:15
SOCI 3456-R01 Modern American Social Movements Bush TF 2:30-3:45
THEO 4025-R01 Marriage in 21st Century  Hinze MR 2:30-3:45
THEO 4025-R02 Marriage in 21st Century Hinze MR 4:00-5:15
RSRV 4025-001 Marriage in 21st Century Hinze C MR 11:30-12:45

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