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Fall 2007

Lincoln Center Course Schedule for Fall 2007
Day Courses
WSLP-3020-001 Histories and Texts N. Fermon MW 1:00-2:15
AALG-3037-001 Blacks in the Atlantic World N. Lightfoot MW 1:00-2:15
AALP-3030-001 African American Women I. Watkins-Owens T 2:30-5:15
CLLP-3025-001 Women in Antiquity E. Korn TF 1:00-2:15
ECLG-3240-001 World Poverty J. Barry-Figueroa TF 11:30-12:45
ENLU-3115-001 Medieval Women Writers S. Yeager TF 1:00-2:15
PHLU-3304-001 Women Mystics Through Time A. O'Brien MR 10:00-11:15
PSLU-3700-001 Human Sexuality Staff TF 2:30-3:45
POLU-2308-001 Women in Politics Susan Beck MR 2:30-3:45
RSLP-3430-001 Religion and Feminism K. Kueny TF1:00-2:15
Evening Courses
ECEU-3563-L01 Labor Economics J. Barry-Figueroa T 6:00-8:45
POEU-4420-L01 Nationalism and Democracy Nicole Fermon W 6:00-8:45
ENLV-3531-001 Modern Drama-Moral Crucible Margaret Lamb T 6:00-8:45
Rose Hill Course Schedule for Fall 2007
WSRP-3010 Feminist Theories Green  
WSRP-4910 Senior Internship    
WSRP-4920 Senior Project    
WSRP-4930 Senior Thesis    
AHRU-4530 Genger and Modern Art Heleniak  
CLRU-3025 Women in Antiquity Peirce  
CLRU-1210 Literature and Society Peirce  
CORU-3691 20th Cent African American and African Women Writers Christianse  
CMRU-2504 History & Culture of Advertising Andersen  
CMRU-3111 Gender Images in Media Andersen  
ENRU-3118 Early Women Novelists Greenfield  
ENRU-3809 Mothers/ Daughters Erler  
ENRU-3410 Jane Austen in Context Greenfield  
ENRY-3409 Love & Desire, Romantic Literature Macovski  
ENRU-3115 Medieval Woman Writers    
ENRU-3229 Sex and Desire, Early Stage    
ENRU-3609 Feminism and American Poetry    
ENRU-3649 Women's Lit, American Tradition    
PSRU-2800 Personality  Silton    
PSRU-3710 Cognitive Neuroscience Burton  
PSRU-3700 Human Sexuality Wade  
HSRU-3838 History of US Sexuality Ben-Atar  
HSRU-3653 Gender in America Crane  
HSRU-4820 American Women and Reform Swinth  
HSRU-3826 Modern US Women's History Swinth  
HSRU-3415 European Women 1500-1800    
PHRU-3901 Phil Issues Feminism 1 Tress  
PHRP-3720 African American Philosophy Green  
PORV-4210 Sem: State, Family, Society Berg  
RSRV-4025 Marriage in 21st Century Hinze  
RSRV-4005 Women and Theology Johnson  
RSRP-3430 Religion and Feminism    
RSRV-4006 Feminism & Relationality    
SORP-3405 Gender, Race and Class Johnson  
AARP-3112 The Sixties Naison  
SORU-3402 Sociology of Sex Roles Cullen  
SORP-3675 Latina Women    
SORU-3404 Gender and Migration    
SORU-3500 Contemporary Family Issues Weinshenker  
SORU-3401 Gender Crime and Justice Flavin  
ECRG-3240 World Poverty Mcleod  
FRRU-3571 French Women Writers Randall  

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