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Visual Arts

Visual Arts

Painting and Drawing

Painting and Drawing allows the student to acquire a mastery of traditional and modern technical skills and to use those skills in the service of creative expression and growth, while stressing theoretical and historical concerns. Many of the Fordham Visual Arts graduates have gone on to graduate study in the fine arts. Other visual arts students have pursued careers in fine arts and art-related fields such as design, communication, advertising, teaching, art therapy, arts administration, and marketing.

Graphic Design
Graphic Design introduces the student to the basic principles of design and type. Examined from a critical, social, historical and theoretical perspective, the emphasis is on how type and design engages, informs and challenges the viewer. Through assignments, internships, studio visits to professional design firms, and a final senior project, a student gains practical experience as well allowing them to develop their own creative voice.

Film and Video
Film /Video classes balance creative production with discussions of history and aesthetics.  Students work with Super 8,  16mm film and videotape in creating their own experimental, narrative or documentary films. Lighting, digital editing, sound design and image manipulation are all explored in production classes. Students are encouraged to find their own voice as artists in creating short works in film or video. For their Senior Projects, students can complete a  film or video or use moving images as part of a gallery installation.

Architecture classes prepare the student for graduate professional programs in Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, or Urban Design, or supports careers in community planning, construction, or real estate. Architecture is explored as a discipline, a skill, and a means to positively change our world.

Photography classes provide students with a thorough understanding of camera operation, darkroom techniques, photographic history, and critical context. Students are encouraged to utilize the medium as a means to explore visual communication and aesthetic invention. After a two-course introduction, students may take courses in documentary, color, digital, and view camera technique, followed by an independent project in the senior year.


Visual Arts

Visual Arts

Visual Arts

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