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Michael Marme

Michael Marme

Assistant Professor
of History

Office: Lowenstein Building 915B (LC)
Phone: (212) 636-6348

PH.D.     University of California at Berkeley (Spring 1987)
M. A.      University of California at Berkeley (Spring 1976)
B. A.       University College, University of Toronto (Spring 1974)

"Population and Possibility in Ming Suzhou:  A Quantified Model," Ming Studies 12
(Spring 1981), 29-64
"Heaven on Earth: Suzhou, 1127-1550" in L. C. Johnson (ed), Cities of Jiangnan in
Late Imperial China (Albany:  SUNY Press, 1993), 17-5, 183-187, 191-204.
"[Review of] Harriet T. Zurndorfer, Change and Continuity in Chinese Local History: 
The Development of Hui-chou Prefecture 800 to 1800," Harvard Journal of Asiatic
Studies 53.1 (June 1993), 234-249.
"Asia in the Western History Survey:  An Annotated Syllabus," in C. Gluck and A.
Embree (eds), Asia in Western and World History: A Guide for Teaching (Armonk, New
York:  M. E. Sharpe, 1997)
"China at the Time of Trade and the Contact of Cultures (300-1200)," in Ibid.
"China at the Time of Separate Spheres and New Links (1000-1500)," in Ibid.
“{Review of] Xiaohong Xiao-Planes, “Éducation et politique en Chine: Le rôle des
élites du Jiangsu, 1905-1914,” China Review International 9.2 (Fall 2002), 576-580.

Other Accomplishments:
Co-Award for Best Book (Non North American) in Urban History for
2005-2006 of The Urban History Association
Faculty Fellowship, Fordham University, 2006-2007
Faculty Fellowship, Fordham University, Summer 1994
SSRC/ACLS Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Fellow 1980-1982
Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Fellow 1980-1981
R. D. Irwin Foundation Fellow 1980-1981
Mellon Fellow, Ming History Workshop, Princeton University 1980
Recipient, Department of History Seminar Prize, UCB 1979
FLAS Fellow (Research in Chinese History) 1979-1980
FLAS Fellow (Japanese) 1978-1979
Member, University of Toronto Historical Society 1972-1974
J. A. Priestley Scholar 1971-1972
Recipient, Sigmund Samuel Prize in East Asian Studies 1971

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