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Faculty in the News

November 2013

Schools can Learn about Old Bridge 11-22-13
There is a book, “The Tappan Zee Bridge and the Forging of the Rockland Suburb,” written by Professor Roger Panetta of Fordham University, as well as a 30-minute DVD, “The Tappan Zee Bridge; Transforming Rockland County,” along with a teacher guide

The Making of an Education Catastrophe-Mark Naison-Notorious Phd
Coalition for Public Education/Coalición por la Educación Pública 11-21-13
Mark Naison is Professor of History and African American Studies at Fordham University

Nine Ways to Improve Schools in the Nation’s Largest District
The Washington Post 11-20-13
Mark Naison, a professor of African American Studies and History at Fordham University and director of Fordham’s Urban Studies Program, writes about it here

Speaker: Round Table on the Future of the NYC Council
readMedia 12-01-13
Fordham University Professor Christina Greer with Common Cause/NY ED Susan Lerner to moderate

Latinos Attend More Movies Than Anyone Else But Are The Least Represented On Screen
Huffington Post 11-06-13
Studios have started advertising more heavily to Latinos, especially via websites and in Spanish language media, according to Clara Rodriguez, who studies Latinos in the media as a professor of sociology at Fordham University

How Overturning NYC's Mayoral Term Limits Helped De Blasio Clinch Nomination
Huffington Post via AP 11-03-13
"It seems like the city wants a Democrat right now," said Christina Greer, political science professor at Fordham University

Worldwide Exchange
CNBC Cable Network 11-05-13
Christina Greer, assistant professor of political science at Fordham University, discusses the New York City mayoral race on CNBC's "Worldwide Exchange" on Nov. 5 (Election Day.)

History’s Not Made by Presidents or Popes…
Veterans Today 11-04-13
As the Huffington Post article pointed out, she chose to respond, using the blog of a Fordham University Professor, Dr. Mark Naison’s With a Brooklyn Accent.

Chris Christie Reportedly Lashes Out At Teacher Melissa Tomlinson
Huffington Post 11-04-13
On Sunday she published an open letter to Christie on Fordham University Professor Mark Naison's blog

Radical Reform in Chicago
Humanities and Social Sciences Online 11-01-13
Inside Fordham november 4, 2013 issue

October 2013

End of Internship Programs Indicates Bleak Future
The State Press 10-30-13
"College students are being very strategic, hoping that these chances will turn into something more than just a volunteer internship opportunity," said Christina Greer, a political science professor at Fordham University in New York

A Tale Of Three Cities: Detroit, Toronto, And Pittsburgh In A Post-Industrialized World
International Business Times 10-09-13
Rosemary Wakeman, professor of history and director of the Urban Studies Program at Fordham University in New York, also points out that Detroit politics have been mired in corruption for decades

September 2013

Hispanic Heritage Month 2013: Latinos and Diversity onScreen
Vida Vibrante 09-19-13
but it’s hardly news for Clara Rodriguez, a professor of sociology at Fordham University and author of Heroes, Lovers, and Others: The Story of Latinos in Hollywood, in which she recounts the fascinating history of Latino actors in American film from the silent era to today

De Blasio Takes First Place In New York City Mayoral Primary
The National Memo 09-11-13
“I really vacillated until the last minute,” said Rosemary Wakeman, a professor at Fordham University, after voting in midtown Manhattan

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