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Emily Rosenbaum

Emily Rosenbaum

Professor of Sociology

Dealy Hall 402C (RH)
Phone: (718) 817-3858

B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Pennsylvania, 1991

Rosenbaum, E., and Samantha Friedman. 2007. The Housing Divide: How Generations of Immigrants Fare in New York’s Housing Market. NYU Press, New York.

Rosenbaum, E., and Jessie Anne Rochford.  2008. “Generational Patterns of Academic Performance: The Variable Effects of Attitudes and Social Capital.” Social Science Research 37(1): 350-372. doi:10.1016/j.ssresearch.2007.03.003

Rosenbaum, E., and Grigoris Argeros. 2005. “Holding the Line: Housing Turnover and the Persistence of Racial/ethnic Segregation in New York City.” Journal of Urban Affairs 27(3): 261-81.

Rosenbaum, E., and Samantha Friedman. 2004. “Generational Patterns of Home Ownership and Housing Quality in New York City.” International Migration Review 38(4): 1492-1533.

Rosenbaum, E., and Samantha Friedman. 2001. “Differences in the Locational Attainment of Immigrant and Native-born Households with Children in New York City.” Demography 38(3): 337-348.

Rosenbaum, E., and Laura Harris. 2001. “Residential Mobility and Opportunities: Early Impacts of the Moving to Opportunity Demonstration Program in Chicago.” Housing Policy Debate 12(2): 321-346.

Rosenbaum, E., and Laura Harris. 2001. "Low-income Families in Their New Neighborhoods: The Short-term Effects of Moving from Chicago's Public Housing." Journal of Family Issues 22(2): 183-210.
doi: 10.1177/019251301022002004

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