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Rosemary Wakeman
Director, Urban Studies
Professor of History

Specialty: European Cities, Maritime Cities, World’s Fairs, the Social History of Architecture
Bruce Berg
Associate Professor of Political Science

Specialty: U.S. health and social policy, federal-state-local relations, and New York City Politics.
  Mark Caldwell
Professor of English

Specialty: Early Modern Literature; Literature and Science; American Cultural History.
Colin Cathcart
Associate Professor of Architecture

Specialty: Architecture, Environmental Design, and Urbanism
Ayala Fader
Associate Professor of Anthropology

Specialty: Jewish ethnography, religion, language and culture, gender, childhood, urban anthropology.
Greta Gilbertson
Associate Professor of Sociology

Specialty: Immigration; gender; race and ethnicity; citizenship.
/images/undergraduate/urban_studies/cmg%20headshot.jpg Christina Greer
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Specialty: American politics, black ethnic politics, urban politics, quantitative methods, and public opinion.
Annika Hinze
Assistant Professor of Political Science

Specialty: Urban comparative politics, the politics of immigration, religious, ethnic and national identity, and urban neighborhood space
James Lewis
Professor and Department Chair of Biological Sciences

Specialty: Human effects on the environment, including urbanisation, invasive organisms, global climate change, and habitat fragmentation.
Michael Michael Marme
Assistant Professor of History

Specialty: Socio-economic history of late imperial China, with special reference to the city of Suzhou.
 Mark Naison
Professor of History, African & African American Studies

Specialty: African American History 20th Century
Roger Panetta Roger Panetta
Visiting Professor of History
Christopher  Christopher Rhomberg
Associate Professor of Sociology

Specialty: Urban sociology, political sociology, race and ethnicity, labor and labor movements, comparative historical methods, social theory
Clara Rodriguez
Professor of Sociology

Specialty: Race and ethnicity, media studies, Latino studies, labor markets, migration, urban and regional studies.
  Emily Rosenbaum
Professor of Sociology

Specialty: Urban demography, inequality, immigration, housing policy, family/household demography.
Aseel Sawalha Aseel Sawalha
Associate Professor of Anthropology

Specialty: Urban anthropology, arts, gender, critical social theory, war and violence, globalization
  Daniel Soyer
Professor of History

Specialty: Ethnic fraternalism, immigrant autobiographies, immigrant transnationalism, Jews in New York City, the garment industry, and New York City politics.
 Mark Street Mark Street
Assistant Professor of Visual Arts

Specialty: Film, Video
Harold Takooshian
Professor of Psychology

Specialty: Applied social/personality psychology, industrial psychology, applied psychometrics, attitude survey research methods, urban psychology, ethnicity and feminism, cross-cultural psychology, and student excellence.
  Troy Tassier
Associate Professor of Economics

Specialty: Microeconomics, Health and Labor Economics, Social Networks, Complex Adaptive Systems


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