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Summer Session Offerings

Summer Session Offerings - 2012

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(M = morning; A = afternoon; E = evening)

SUMMER SESSION I  (MAY 29, 2012 — JuNE 28, 2012)
Rose Hill
SOCI 1100  Introduction to Sociology (A)
SOCI 2925  Media Crime Sex Violence (E)

Lincoln Center
ANTH 2000 Evolution of Human Nature (A)
SOCI 1100  Introduction to Sociology (M)
SOCI 2701  Introduction to Criminal Justice (M)
SOCI 2960  Popular Culture (A)
SOCI 3606  The Global City (E)

SUMMER SESSION II (JuLY 3, 2012 — August 7, 2012)
Rose Hill
ANTH 1100  Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (M)
ANTH 1300  Introduction to Archaeology (E)
ANTH 2520  Introduction to Forensic Anthropology (A)
SOCI 2847  The 60s: Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll (M)

Lincoln Center
ANTH 1100  Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (A)
SOCI 1100  Introduction to Sociology (E)
SOCI 2410  Inequality: Class, Race, Ethnicity (A)
SOCI 3506 Diversity in American Families (M)

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