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News and Announcements

News and Announcements

Dr. Ayala Fader, an Associate Professor of Anthropology, has been awarded a 2014 National Science Foundation grant to support her project, "Religious Orthodoxy and New Media Technologies." The project builds upon Dr. Fader's research on non-liberal Jews in Brooklyn and shows how the contemporary struggle over the Internet and other new media is part of a wider generational backlash against a "slide to the right." More broadly, Fader's scholarship shows how new media acts as a lightening rod for wider changes and debates about morality, citizenship, difference, and shifting communal boundaries. Congratulations to Professor Fader!

Congratulations to Jeanne Flavin, a Professor of Sociology, who was recently honored at the American Sociological Association Annual Meeting with an award from Sociologists for Women in Society recognizing her distinguished service with National Advocates for Pregnant Women. Professor Flavin is also currently serving as Associate Chair at our Lincoln Center Campus. Brava!

Heather Gautney, an Assistant Professor of Sociology at our Lincoln Center campus, will be pursuing research in Washington, D.C. in 2012-13 as the recipient of the American Sociological Association’s distinguished Congressional Fellowship. Congratulations Professor Gautney!

Congratulations to Elizabeth “Liz” Scheib (Sociology, FCRH, 2012) who was recently awarded a prestigious Fulbright Fellowship to study and teach in Germany! Liz also participated in our the Early Admissions Graduate Program in Sociology. Auf Wiedersehen, Liz!

Look for Orit Avishai’s recent op-ed for CNN on the pressures on breastfeeding women. Professor Avishai teaches at Rose Hill with a research interest in feminism and the body.

If you’re interested in thinking more about the autism epidemic, check out Micki McGee’s recent piece on “nuerodiversity” in the American Sociological Association journal Contexts, or Christine Fountain’s recent research on autism prevalence in Pediatrics. Professor McGee teaches at Rose Hill, and Professor Fountain has recently joined the sociology faculty at Lincoln Center after working in a post-doctoral appointment at Columbia University’s Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy. Welcome to Professor Fountain!

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