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The mission of the Sociology Program

is to provide a learning environment that allows faculty and students to engage in the careful analysis and evaluation of social phenomena, informed by sociological traditions of thought.  A course of study leading to a B.A. in sociology will help students develop insights of a sociological perspective, provide them with opportunities to engage in research, analysis, and writing about human societies, and promote active citizenship.  Our work is guided by the belief that a sociological perspective should promote awareness of the inequalities in society and the world (race, class, gender, religion, citizenship, sexuality) and that sociological knowledge can make a difference in the quality of others’ lives by contributing to the improvement of their communities, their nation, and the world.

The mission of the Anthropology Program 

is to promote an understanding of human cultural, linguistic, and biological diversity from prehistory to the present. A B.A. in anthropology will expand one’s horizons of knowledge about people and their cultural variations beyond the familiar and well into the past, giving insight into the wide range of social, political, economic, and religious behaviors, as well as adaptive capabilities that have characterized our species through time.  Courses in anthropology let students explore new worlds, engage in research and writing about their own surroundings or the far corners of the collective human experience, recognize the evolutionary changes that have continuously transformed humankind, and cultivate a critical perspective on their own society in the context of a vast panorama of cultures, extant and extinct.  Students will ultimately come to appreciate change and diversity in all its manifestations, advocate for peoples undergoing the culturally destructive pressures of poverty, development, and globalization, and examine their own role as citizens in a complex and increasingly trans-national global community.

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