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Urban Communities

Urban Communities

One of the classic subfields in sociology, dating from Simmel, Wirth, and the Chicago school in the early 20th century, urban and community sociology today encompasses wide-ranging issues, including the role of cities in a world economy; urban growth, inequality, and sustainability; public policy and local governance; and the mobilization of cultural identity in civil society.

Department faculty conduct research in the areas of housing and residential mobility, immigration and economic assimilation, religious and ethnic community formation (especially Latina/o studies), arts and gentrification, and the intersection of race, class, and urban politics with social movements. Faculty also contribute expertise in urban social problems, crime, the administration of criminal justice, and social service provision.

The City of New York offers you unparalleled opportunities for research in global business, finance, and media as well as in local neighborhoods, public agencies, and diverse social environments.

Faculty in this area:  Fader; Flavin; Rhomberg; Rodriguez, C.; Rodriguez, O.; Rosenbaum; Sawalha

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