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M.A. Program

The Masters degree in Sociology provides the analytical and methodological foundation necessary for pursuit of the Ph.D. or for the professional practice of sociology. Many of our graduates have successfully pursued careers in the non-profit, government, and private sectors, in fields ranging from journalism to teaching to city planning.  Others have gone on to pursue Ph.D.s in top-tier sociology programs.  Our program is designed to meet the needs of both traditional students and those returning from the workforce to enhance research skills or gather credentials for career advancement.

For more detailed information about the variety of careers pursued by individuals with Masters degrees in sociology, follow this link to the American Sociological Association's "Career Resources for Sociologists" webpage.


The Master of Arts requires 30 credits of course work beyond the bachelor's degree, or 24 credits of course work and six credits of thesis research. Students planning to do doctoral work are expected to write a thesis.

Students pursuing the non-thesis option must successfully complete a comprehensive exam, to be taken during the final semester of course work or shortly after all course requirements have been completed. 

Required courses include a semester each of theory, methods, and statistics, plus one computer language. Students must maintain a B (3.0) average while enrolled in the program.



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