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Global-Transnational Processes

Global-Transnational Sociology

Global and transnational sociology is the study of social structures, processes, and power relations beyond the national level. The field covers many social, political, economic, and cultural phenomena, including environmental and human rights, migration, social movements, international organizations, development, and the transnational diffusion of norms and culture. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the study of global and transnational processes will continue to grow in importance for those seeking to understand various cultures, political systems, and economic trends.

Fordham faculty teach and conduct research on a variety of global and transnational phenomena, such as transnational migration, social movements, international institutions, and the influence of religion in international relations. As a student, you will acquire the tools necessary to understand and evaluate issues of transnational and global significance in the light of their historical and cultural contexts.

Faculty in this area: Benavides; Bush; Gautney; Gilbertson; Rodriguez, O.; Rosenbaum; Sawalha

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