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Sociology Graduate Program

Applications for fall 2013 are no longer being accepted. Please visit the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences website after September, 2013 to apply for admission in fall 2014.

As social and cultural divisions grow wider and more complex, the knowledge and skills afforded by training in sociology become increasingly important for understanding social change and addressing social problems. Fordham's graduate program in sociology prepares its students for academic and professional careers in sociology by providing:

          •  broadly-based theoretical and substantive knowledge,
          •  rigorous training in quantitative and qualitative methods,
          •  individualized attention due to our small faculty-to-student ratio,
          •  a learning environment informed by a commitment to social justice concordant with the 
              Jesuit tradition, and
          •  a location in New York City offering a unique living laboratory for studying a range of 
               issues addressed in the core of our department’s curriculum.

Our graduate faculty's research and teaching interests cluster around five general areas of inquiry, which you can explore by following these links:

and Culture
and Inequality


Fordham graduate students come from varied personal, academic, and professional backgrounds, and this diversity energizes both formal class discussions and informal dialogue. Our small graduate program encourages a close sense of community, and thus, as a Fordham student, you will receive individualized attention, collaborate with faculty on co-authored publications, and present your own papers at national and regional conferences. This cooperative educational experience will expose you to a wide range of perspectives, enabling you to forge collegial relationships that can influence the course of your studies and eventual work.
Learn about our current graduate students and what they are doing.

Our alumni can be found in academia, government, nonprofit organizations, and research and policy think tanks, but they all share a common goal of making a difference.
Meet some of them and learn about the paths they have taken to professional careers.

To apply on line for admission into the Fordham University graduate program in sociology, click here.

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