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Peter T. Schneider, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus of Sociology
B.A., Antioch College; Ph.D., Michigan, 1965

Fordham University
113 W. 60th Street  
New York, NY 10023
fax: (212) 636-7153

Research Interests
Cultural and political economy; historical demography; organized crime; social movements.

Jane C. Schneider and Peter T. Schneider. 2003. Reversible Destiny: Mafia, Anti-Mafia, and the Struggle for Palermo. University of California Press, Berkeley.

Jane C. Schneider and Peter T. Schneider. 1999. "Is Transparency Possible? The Political-Economic and Epistemological Implications of Cold War Conspiracies and Subterfuge in Italy." In Josiah McC. Heyman, ed., States and Illegal Practices. Berg Press, Oxford.

Peter T. Schneider and Jane C. Schneider. 1998. "Il Caso Sciascia." In Jane C. Schneider, ed., Italy's Southern Question: 'Orientalism' in One Country, pp. 245-261. Berg Press, Oxford.

Jane C. Schneider and Peter T. Schneider. 1996. Festival of the Poor: Fertility Decline and the Ideology of Class in Sicily, 1960-1980. University of Arizona Press, Tucson.

Jane C. Schneider and Peter T. Schneider. 1976. Culture and Political Economy in Western Sicily. Academic Press, New York. Revised, translated and published in Italy by Rubbettino Press, 1989.




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