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E. Doyle McCarthy, Ph.D. 
Professor of Sociology (at Rose Hill)
B.A., Marymount; M.A., New School; Ph.D., Fordham, 1978

Dealy Hall 405A
Bronx, NY  10458-9993
tel: (718) 817-3855
fax: (718) 817-3846
Research Interests
McCarthy's current research is on the culture of emotions in contemporary life in the U.S. Her 2005 article, "Gay Moral Discourse: Gay Men Talk About Identity, Sex, and Commitment," (co-authored with David Woolwine) received the 2006 David R. Maines Narrative Research Award of the Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction (SSSI).
McCarthy is a social theorist working in the fields of the sociology of knowledge and culture and in the interdisciplinary field of emotion studies. She was Senior Editor of the International Journal of Politics, Culture & Society (1996-2000) and is a member of the Executive Committee of the International Society for Research on Emotion (ISRE). She currently serves on Fordham University's Institutional Review Board and is a board member of the Fordham University's Center for Ethics Education.

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Selected Publications
E. Doyle McCarthy, ed. 2007. Social Theory for Old and New Modernities. Essays on Society and Culture, 1976-2005, by Franco Ferrarotti. Lexington, Lanham, MD.

E. Doyle McCarthy. 1996. Knowledge As Culture: The New Sociology of Knowledge. Routledge, New York & London.

Italian translation with preface by Angela Zanotti. 2004. La conoscenza come cultura: Verso un nuova sociologia della conoscenza. Meltemi, Rome.

David D. Franks & E. Doyle McCarthy. 1989. The Sociology of Emotions: Original Essays & Research Papers. JAI Press, Greenwich, CT, & London.


2006. "Sociology of Knowledge." The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology. 11 vols. (pp. 2482-
          2485) and online 2007. Edited by George Ritzer. 
2005. With David Woolwine. "Gay Moral Discourse: Gay Men Talk About Identity, Sex, and 
          Commitment." Studies in Symbolic Interaction 26(April-May): 379-408. 
2003. "Language and Life: A Commentary on the Work of R.S. Perinbanayagam." Symbolic 
26(1): 85-93. 
2002. "The Emotions: Senses of the Modern Self," Österreichische Zeitschrift für Soziologie 
          (Austrian Journal of Sociology)
Special Issue on the Sociology of the Senses (Sociologie 
          der Sinne
), 27(2): 30-49. 

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