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John J. Macisco, Jr., Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus of Sociology
B.A., M.A., Fordham; Ph.D., Brown, 1966

Dealy Hall 403B
Bronx, NY  10458-9993
tel: (718) 817-3850
fax: (718) 817-3846

Research Interests
Migration; labor migration; research design.
Selected Publications


Powers, Mary G., and John J. Macisco, Jr. 1994.  The Immigration Experience in the United States: Policy Implications. Center for Migration Studies, New York.

Elizaga, Juan C., and John J. Macisco, Jr. 1975. Migraciones Internas: Teoría, Método y Factores Sociológicas. Centro Latinoamericano de Demografía (CELADE), Santiago de Chile.

Macisco, John J., Jr. 1975. Migrants to Metropolitan Lima: A Case Study. Centro Latinoamericano de Demografía (CELADE), Santiago de Chile.


Macisco, John J., Jr. 1992. "International migration: issues and research needs." In Migration, Population Structure, and Redistributive Policies, Calvin Goldscheider, ed., pp.    . Westview, Boulder, CO.

Diaz-Briquets, Sergio, and John J. Macisco, Jr. 1986. "Population growth and emigration in Latin America: what is the nature of the relationship?" In Population Growth in Latin America and U.S. National Security, John Saunders, ed. Allen & Unwin, Winchester, MA.

Macisco, John J., Jr., and George C. Myers. 1975. "Fertility and migration," International Migration Review 9:111-121.

Weller, Robert H., John J. Macisco, Jr., and George R. Martine. 1971. "The relative importance of the components of urban growth in Latin America," Demography 8(2):225-232.


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