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Heather D. Gautney, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Sociology (at Lincoln Center)
B.A., University of Pittsburgh, M.A., St. John's University; Ph.D., CUNY, 2006

Lowenstein 923B 113 W. 60th Street
New York, NY 10023
tel: (212) 636-7294 
fax: (212) 636-7153;

Research Interests
Social movements, political sociology, Globalization, labor, social theory.

Heather Gautney is Associate Professor of Sociology at Fordham University, Lincoln Center. She has authored books and articles on politics and a variety of social movements, including Occupy Wall Street, the Alternative Globalization Movement, the Anti-Iraq War Movement, and the World Social Forum. Current research projects include (1) Occupy Wall Street, and (2) current economic trends in the film industry and their implications for the future of labor market regulation in entertainment and beyond. Dr. Gautney is a member of the Social Text collective (see and the Advisory Board of the Center for Place, Culture, and Politics at the CUNY Graduate Center (see For a review of Dr. Gautney's current research, click here.

Selected Publications
Gautney, Heather. 2009. Protest and Organization in the Alternative Globalization Era: NGOs, Anti-authoritarian Movements, and Political Parties. Palgrave Macmillan, NY.
(A 2nd edition with additional chapter on Occupy Wall Street is expected in August 2012.)
Gautney, Heather, Omar Dahbour, Ashley Dawson, and Neil Smith, eds. 2009. Democracy and the State in the Struggle for Global Justice. Routledge, NY. (
Aronowitz, Stanley, and Heather Gautney, eds. 2003. Implicating Empire: Globalization and Resistance in the 21st Century World Order. Basic Books, NY.
Chinese edition, 2004. Guangxi Normal University Press.


Gautney, H. 2012. “Occupy x: Repossession by Occupation” South Atlantic Quarterly, 111(3): 597-607.

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Gautney, H., and Akim Reinhardt. 2009. “The Imperial Coin.” Peace and Change, 35(1): 146-163.

Book Chapters

Gautney, H. Forthcoming. “The Anarchist Influence in Occupy Wall Street” in Radical Gotham: The Anarchist Tradition
          in New York City, 1870-2012
, edited by Tom Goyens, Champaign, IL: University of Illinois Press.
Gautney, H. 2009. “Contesting Neoliberal Globalization and State Sovereignty,” in Globalization and the Prospects of
          Critical Reflection
, edited by Jung Min Choi and John W. Murphy,
pp. 108-135. New Delhi: Aakar Press.
Gautney, H. 2009. “The Globalization Movement and World Social Forum: From Protest to Politics,” in Engaging Social
          Justice: Critical Studies of 21st Century Transformation
, edited by David Fasenfest,
pp. 135-160. Leiden: Brill
Hardt, Michael, and H. Gautney. 2005. “Becoming Political: The U.S. Anti-War Movement” (in Italian), in Subversive
          Affinities: U.S. Social Movements
, edited by Franco Barchiesi,
pp. 145-173. Rome: Derive Approdi.
Book Reviews and Encyclopedia
Gautney, H. 2013. “Book Review: Taking it Big: C. Wright Mills and the Making of Public Intellectuals -- by Stanley
          Aronowitz.” Working USA: Journal of Labor and Society, 16(2): 324-327.
Gautney, H. 2013. “The Occupy Wall Street Movement.” The Blackwell Guide to Social Movements, edited by David
          Snow et al. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated.
Gautney, H. 2012. “Book Review: Play, Creativity and Social Movements – by Ben Shephard.” Working USA: Journal
          of Labor and Society
, 15(2): 315-318.
Gautney, H. 2011. “Means without End? A Review of Civil Resistance and Power Politics.” Peace and Conflict, 17(2):
The Washington Post
“The Tea party is Giving Anarchism a Bad Name.” October 11, 2013.
“Occupy Wall Street: Zuccotti Park and the History of Force.” November 15, 2011.

“Why Occupy Wall Street Wants Nothing to do with our Politicians.” October 21, 2011.

“What is Occupy Wall Street? The History of Leaderless Movements.” October 10, 2011.

CNN - Global Public Square
“Transparency the Best Antidote to CEO Pay.” October 28, 2013.
“Why It’s Time to Rein in CEO Pay.” April 12, 2013.
“A Wall Street Occupier in Tehran.” March 15, 2012.
“Occupy Wall Street: An Idea Whose Time Has Come.” November 17, 2011.

La Progressive
“Why the President’s 2014 Budget Should Restore Funding for ESOPs.” May 7, 2013.
“Why Do Political Elites All Hate Democracy?” October 4, 2013.
“Governing in the Dark.” November 5, 2013.
“Bernie Sanders Introduces Amendments to Immigration Reform Bill to Protect Workers.” September
          13. Accessed September 20, 2013.
Bernie Buzz (newsletter of Sen. Bernard Sanders)
“Lessons from Europe, Part 3: Europeans are Fighting ‘Fat Cat’ Entitlements, So Should We.” March 29, 2013.

“Lessons from Europe, Part 2: Living to Work or Working to Live?” January 31, 2013.

“Lessons from Europe: It’s Time to Do Right by Our Children.” January 18, 2013.

Courses Taught


Social Movements; Introduction to Sociology; Sociological Theory; Inequality in America; Political Sociology on Film; International Sociology

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