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Rosemary Santana Cooney, Ph.D. 
Professor of Sociology (at Rose Hill)
Associate Dean, Fordham College Rose Hill
B.A., Florida State; M.A., Ph.D., Texas/Austin, 1973

Keating Hall 201
Bronx, NY 10458
tel. (718) 817-4703
Research Interests
Social demography; ethnic and gender labor force inequalities; immigrant adaptation.
Selected Publications


Orlando Rodriguez, Rosemary Santana Cooney, Angelo Falcon, Greta Gilbertson, Christopher Hanson, Arun Lobo, Joseph Salvo, Vicki Virgin, and Kenneth Waltzer. 1995. Nuestra America en Nueva York: The New Immigrant Hispanic Populations in New York City, 1980-1990. The Hispanic Research Center Report Series, Fordham University, Bronx, NY.

With Lloyd H. Rogler. 1984. Puerto Rican Families in New York City: Intergenerational Processes. Monograph 11, The Hispanic Research Center, Fordham University. Waterfront Press, Maplewood, New Jersey.


With Jiali Li. 1994. "Household Registration Type and Compliance with the One Child Policy in China, 1979-1988." Demography (February): 21-32.

With Jiali Li. 1993. "Son Preference and the One Child Policy in China: 1979-1988." Population Research and Policy Review 12: 277-296.

With Joseph J. Salvo, and Mary G. Powers. 1992. "Contraceptive Use and Sterilization Among Puerto Rican Women." Family Planning Perspectives (September/October): 219-223.


Courses Taught
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