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Allan Gilbert

Allan S. Gilbert, Ph.D.
Professor of Anthropology (at Rose Hill)
Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies
Associate Director of Middle East Studies

B.A., Rutgers;
M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D., Columbia, 1979

Office: Dealy Hall 401
441 E. Fordham Road
Bronx, NY 10458-9993
Phone: (718) 817-3854
Fax: (718) 817-3846

Research Interests
Historical archaeology; NE U.S. & Near East; analysis of animal remains and architectural materials; geoarchaeology.


Gilbert, A.S., ed. (in prep.). Digging The Bronx:  Recent Archaeology in the Borough. The Bronx County Historical Society, Bronx, NY.
Read a press release for this forthcoming book.

Buynevich, Ilya V., Valentina Yanko-Hombach, A.S. Gilbert, & Ronald  E. Martin, eds.  2011.  Geology and Geoarchaeology of the Black Sea Region: Beyond the Flood Hypothesis. Geological Society of America Special paper 473, Boulder, CO.

Yanko-Hombach, Valentina, A.S. Gilbert, Nicolae Panin, & Pavel M. Dolukhanov, eds. 2007. The Black Sea Flood Question:  Changes in Coastline, Climate and Human Settlement. Springer, Dordrecht, The Netherlands.


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Yanko-Hombach, Valentina, Peta J. Mudie, & A.S. Gilbert. 2011. "Was the Black Sea catastrophically flooded during the post-glacial? Geological evidence and archaeological impacts."  In Submerged Prehistory, ed. by Jonathan Benjamin, Clive Bonsall, Catriona Pickard, & Anders Fischer, pp. 245–262. Oxbow Books, Oxford.

Gilbert, A.S. 2008. "The little expedition that could: An insider's view." In Views from Phlamoudhi, Cyprus, ed. by Joanna S. Smith, pp. 31-43. Annual of the American Schools of Oriental Research vol. 63. Boston.

Yanko-Hombach, Valentina, A.S. Gilbert, and Pavel M. Dolukhanov. 2007. "Controversy over the great flood hypotheses in the Black Sea in light of geological, paleontological, and archaeological evidence." Quaternary International 167-168:91-113. (doi: 10.1016/j.quaint,2006.08.004)

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Gilbert, A.S. 1991. "Equid remains from Godin Tepe, western Iran:  an interim summary and interpretation, with notes on the introduction of the horse into Southwest Asia." In Equids in the Ancient World, Vol. II, ed. by Richard H. Meadow and Hans-Peter Uerpmann, pp. 75-122, Beihefte zum Tübinger Atlas des Vorderen Orients, Reihe A 19/2.

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Courses Taught
Introduction to Archaeology, Introduction to Physical Anthropology, Ancient Cultures of the Bible, Environment and Human Survival, Fieldwork in New York Archaeology

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