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Contact Information

Contact Information

For General Questions:
Rosa T. Giglio
Department Secretary
403B Dealy Hall
(718) 817-3850,1
(718) 817-3846 (Fax)

For Questions about the Undergraduate anthropology Program:
Prof. Allan S. Gilbert
Chair of the Department
401 Dealy Hall
(718) 817-3854

For questions about the undergraduate sociology program:
Prof. Greta Gilbertson
Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies
406B Dealy Hall
(718) 817-3856

For Questions about the Graduate Program:
Prof. Matthew N. Weinshenker
Associate Chair for Graduate Studies
402B Dealy Hall
(718) 817-0724

For Questions about the Lincoln Center Program:
Prof. Jeanne Flavin
Associate Chair for Lincoln Center
923B Lowenstein Hall
(718) 817-3863

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