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Welcome to Fordham's Department of Political Science!

Political Science is the study of how societies make collective decisions through politics and government. Political Scientists ask the following kinds of questions: What is justice? Why do nations go to war? Why do people vote?

Political Science at Fordham is organized into four subfields: Political Theory, Comparative Politics, International Politics, and American Politics, and a wide range of courses are offered in each subfield. The Department offers degrees at the undergraduate level and participates in the Masters Program in Elections and Campaign Management. 

Undergraduate courses are offered at both the Rose Hill and Lincoln Center campuses and Political Science is one of the most popular majors for all Fordham undergraduates. All of our courses, both undergraduate and graduate, are small, allowing for considerable faculty-student interaction.

A Political Science degree prepares the student for several career options. Many undergraduates go on to Law School, a traditional career path for Political Science majors, but others have found careers in government agencies, news organizations, and in the private sector. Still others decide to pursue graduate study in Political Science. An undergraduate degree also prepares students interested in a career in politics or for Fordham's Masters Program in Elections and Campaign Management, which provides another route to a career in politics. Political Science faculty also teach in the
M.A. Program in International Political Economy and Development as well as Elections and Campaign Management M.A. program.

The Department takes pride in the quality of its instruction and the quality of faculty scholarship. In recent years, faculty members have published books with some of the most prestigious university presses, such as Princeton, Michigan, Chicago, Oxford, Rutgers and Cambridge, as well as in leading journals in the discipline. Numerous faculty have won prestigious awards and prizes, including several Fulbrights. And the news media often interview or quote faculty members regarding important events

For those with questions about the undergraduate major, at Rose Hill, contact Professor Robert  Hume, or at Lincoln Center, contact Professor Susan Berger.

And for questions about the M.A. in Elections and Campaign Management, contact Professor Costas Panagopoulos.

We invite you to look through the pages here to find out more about the department, the individual faculty members, forms for students, and much more.

Best wishes,
John P. Entelis, Department Chair


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