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International Studies

Director:  Tom DeLuca (Political Science).

Program Committee

Tom DeLuca (Political Science) Director

Janis Barry-Figueroa (Economics)
Ida Bastiaens (Political Science)
Doron Ben-Atar (History)
Susan Berger (Political Science)
Edward Bristow (History)
Brendan Cahill (Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs)
John Entelis (Political Science, Director Middle East Studies Program)
Heather Gautney (Sociology)
Amir Idris (African & African American Studies)
Sarah Lockhart (Political Science)
Hector Lindo-Fuentes (History, Latin American and Latino Studies)
Christopher Maginn (History)
Olena Nikolayenko (Political Science)
Falguni Sen (Graduate School of Business)
Chris Toulouse (Political Science)
Rosemary Wakeman (Urban Studies)


13 courses are required for the major:

-  5 in the core 
-  6 in the track  -  chose either the International track or a Region.

-  2 language courses  - in addition to Fordham's core.
There is no minor in International Studies.


5 courses

1. Introduction to International Studies 

INST 2500  -  Introduction to International Studies

2. International Politics and Law

One course from: 

POSC 2501  -  Introduction to International Politics

Or POSC 2610  -  Introduction to Comparative Politics

Or POSC 3505  -  International Law

3. International Economics and Political Economy

One course from:
ECON 3244  -  International Economic Policy
Or ECON 3346  -  International Economics

Or POSC 3915  -  International Political Economy

4. Contemporary World History and Culture

One Course from:

INST 3859  -  Post-1945: A Global History

Or ANTH 3351  -  Comparative Cultures

Or ANTH 3725  -  Culture and Culture Change

5. Senior Thesis Seminar
INST 4000  -  International Studies Senior Thesis Seminar

Chose either the International track or the Regional track.

6 courses about the international system.

The approved list of courses from the University bulletin:
INST 3000  -  International Studies Internship

ANTH 2887  -  Anthropology of Religion
AFAM 3036  -  Global Black Youth Cultures

ANTH 3373  -  Environment and Human Survival

ANTH 3726  -  Language, Gender & Power
COMM 3106  -  International Communication

COMM 3410  -  International Cinema
ECON 3210  -  Economy of Emerging Nations

ECON 3240  -  World Poverty

ECON 3244  -  International Economic Policy
ECON 3256  -  Comparative Economic Systems
ECON 3347  -  International Finance

ECON 3385  -  Economics of Energy
ECON 3457  -  International Regulation
HIST 3629  -  Maritime Cities
HIST 3858  -  The Global Cold War
MGBU 3551  -  International Dimensions of Bus
MGBU 4477  -  Negotiating Globally

NSCI 2010  -  Global Ecology
PJST 3110  -  Introduction to Peace and Justice Studies

POSC 2501  -  Introduction International Politics

POSC 2506  -  Global Governance

POSC 3505  -  International Law
POSC 3507  -  International Human Rights

POSC 3515  -  Revolution
POSC 3915  -  International Political Economy

POSC 4610  -  Seminar on Globalization

SOCI 2505  -  Religion and Social Change

SOCI 3714  -  Terrorism and Society

WMST 3010  -  Feminist Theories

Other courses MAY be approved but you should get the approval of your IS adviser before you take the class.

6 courses in a region of your choice:



Latin America
Middle East & North Africa

The approved list of courses from the University bulletin:


INST 3000 - International Studies Internship

AFAM 1600 - Introduction to African History
AFAM 3071 - African Intellectual History
AFAM 3072 - Civil Wars in Africa

AFAM 3075 - Democracy in Africa

AFAM 3141 - Women in Africa

AFAM 3695 - Major Debates in African Studies
HIST 3940 - The African City
HIST 4920 - Seminar on African Icons


INST 3000 - International Studies Internship

HIST 1500 - Introduction to Asian History
HIST 3915 - Contemporary China

HIST 3922 - East Asian Cities

HIST 4520 - Seminar on The Pacific War

MKBU 3446 - Marketing on the Pacific Rim

PHIL 3759 - Buddhist Philosophy

THEO 2222 - Hindu Literature and Ethics

INST 3000 - International Studies Internship

COMM 3432 - French Film

COMM 3483 - Women Film Makers - Europe

FREN 3560 - The Contemporary Novel
HIST 3544 - Italy in the Wider World
HIST 3566 - War and Imperialism

HIST 3620 - 20th - Century Europe

HIST 3624 - European Cities

HIST 4450 - Seminar on Modern Britain and Ireland
IRST 4750 - Special Topics in Irish Studies
ITAL 3100 - Modern Italian Culture and Society

ITAL 3701 - Italian Women Writers

POSC 2620 - Politics of the European Union

POSC 3401 - Politics of the Present

Latin America

INST 3000 - International Studies Internship
AFAM 3150 - Carib Peoples and Culture

ANTH 3470 - People and Culture of Latin America
HIST 1400 - Introduction Latin American History
HIST 1400 - Introduction Latin American History
HIST3972 -Revolution in Central America
HIST 3973 - Education and State in Latin America

HIST 3978 - Twentieth Century Cuba

HIST 4951 - Seminar on Latin America at the Movies

POSC 2603 - Latin American Politics
POSC 3503 - Caribbean Politics

SPAN 3625 - Spanish American Short Fiction

SPAN 3701 - Spanish American Women Writers

SPAN 3820 - Caribbean Literature

Middle East and North Africa
INST 3000 - International Studies Internship

HIST 1700 - Introduction to Middle East History
HIST 3675 - History of Modern Israel

MEST 2000 - Introduction to Modern Mideast

MEST 4001 - Seminar on the Middle East

THEO 2777 - Classic Islamic Texts

THEO 2811 - Sacred Texts of Mideast

POSC 2410 - Islamic Political Thought

POSC 2601 - Comparative Politics of the Middle East
POSC 3520 - The Middle East and the World
THEO 2777 - Classic Islamic Texts

Other courses MAY be approved but you should get the approval of your IS adviser before you take the class.


Two courses in addition to those required by the Fordham core. They may be a continuation of an existing language or a language relevant to the track. 
For the International track a second language should be one of the official UN languages: Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish. 
For the regional track, the second language should be another language relevant to the region of study.


An introduction to interdisciplinary approaches to the international system, synthesizing contributions from political science, history, geography, economics, cultural studies, anthropology, and sociology. Topics include international political economy, culture, and law as exemplified through the global financial crisis, the international effect of American consumer culture, and the impact of the Internet on political participation and the policing of dissent. Dr Chris Toulouse.

Students intern in international organizations relevant to their track or chosen field of study.  They engage in practical and theoretical analysis of the goals, achievements, problems, and role of the institutions in which they intern in the overall international arena. Dr Tom DeLuca.

INST 3859 - POST-1945: A GLOBAL HISTORY (4 credits)
Students study the dramatic post-World War II transformation of the world, including the role played by economic revival,technological change, institutional innovation, and increasing interconnection between regions. They analyze why it is increasingly important to think globally, even when studying "local" issues, problems, or actions. The course especially brings into focus the fabric of the post-World War II world in order to better analyze contemporary affairs. Dr Michael Marme.

Senior capstone seminar during which students organize, plan, and write their thesis in consultation with the program director and faculty thesis adviser.

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