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Program Overview

Neuroscience is one of the most exciting, interesting, and integrative fields in science today. Technological advances of the last 20 years have led to a dramatic rise in neuroscience research across multiple domains, including biology, chemistry, psychology, computer science, and physics,as well as seemingly unrelated fields such as economics. A primary aim of the integrative neuroscience major is to engage Fordham students in this exciting, and rapidly advancing field so that they become competitive candidates for postgraduate education in the neuroscience field. A unique aspect of the integrative neuroscience major is the presence of three tracks (cell and molecular, cognitive, and systems and computational), each focusing on a specific aspect of neuroscience. The design of the major also insures that students have exposure to each of the disciplines so that their work can be informed by multiple perspectives.

Each student interested in the integrative neuroscience major will be evaluated at the end of their third semester. Students are required to have a science GPA of 3.0 or above with the lowest grade acceptable being a C- for admission to the program. At the time of declaring their major, the student should have taken a minimum of three Foundation courses

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