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Courses & Curriculum

The course requirements for the Integrative Neuroscience Major consist of four components:
  • Nine foundation courses required of all Integrative Neuroscience majors
  • Three required, track-connected neuroscience courses that emphasize the different tracks within the major
  • Three specialization courses that allow the student to enhance their study within their chosen track
  • A required two-semester minimum, research experience, beginning as early as is reasonable for the student and project, but no later than the summer/fall after the junior year.
All majors must also enroll in a Capstone Research Seminar course for students in all tracks to share and discuss the results of their research with other integrative neuroscience majors.
Students majoring in integrative neuroscience may not double major in biology, natural science, computer science, environmental science, or psychology. Students majoring in integrative neuroscience may choose any available minor provided that they fulfill the requirements stipulated by the department or program offering the minor and having approval of the Dean’s Office, but may not use course credits of the major to fulfill requirements for the minor.

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