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Richard Alicea (M.A. '10)
The ECM program provided, without a doubt, one of the most fruitful and fulfilling opportunities of my political career. I, like many others, had several cycles of campaign experience as we entered the program, but it did not deter from our collective experience. Taking my real-world campaign background and polishing it through meaningful interactions with other students, outstanding professors, and a structured approach to learning more about what we love is something I continue to value to this day. It's helped me in every political positions I have ever taken since graduating, and I still maintain very close relationships with my classmates and some of my professors.

Vincent Azzinaro (M.A. '10)
I enjoyed my time in the ECM program immensely. Not only was it a fantastic opportunity to study political consulting, but the brand rep, media, and campaign management skills easily assist in all aspects of business.

Marc Brumer (M.A. '10)
The ECM program helped me understand much of the logic and rationale behind many of the methods I was currently applying at my job.  This was particularly helpful, as mediums for political communication evolve, the underlying strategy remains the same, it put me in a position to evolve as new mediums evolve, whereas 'specialists' in a single medium that don't have the same knowledge of the underlying rationale, cannot evolve as easily and their skills are less transferable.  It is important to know what do to in a single campaign, but you need to know why you are doing to succeed on many campaigns.

Jennifer Burner (M.A. '10)
The program helped provide me with a good understanding of the career opportunities available related to the campaign world. I made some important networking connections while there.

Francesca Capodilupo (M.A. '11)
The ECM program is perfect for those who are both experienced in the world of politics and for those who are just starting out. Being trained by both academics and highly trained and recognized professionals in the field, on both sides of the aisle provide students with a wide breadth of knowledge and tips that take most YEARS in the field to discover and learn from themselves. I found the program to be insightful, thought-provoking and moreover one that is unique to a field where there are not enough programs such as this.

Chris Catropa
"Fordham's Elections and Campaign Management program strikes a perfect balance of real-world preparation and theory. It allowed me to work as a staff aide for former Congressman Christopher Shays and helped me with my own town council campaign."

Chelsea Conner (M.A. '11)
It was a positive experience. Allowing the time to think through a campaign without the stress of one.

Bryant Daniels (M.A. '12)
Very informative courses, good opportunity to network.

Joey DelVecchio (M.A. '11)
The ECM Program at Fordham without a doubt equipped me with not only the skills and tools, but also the networks, necessary to succeed in the world of politics, policy, and political consulting.

Núria Ferragutcasas
Very informative courses, good opportunity to network.

Paul Guastafeste
The ECM program gives an in-depth study of the American Political Campaign.

Adam Majorie (M.A. '11)
ECM taught me how to communicate my point of view on controversial issues in a way that would be well received regardless of another point of view, a tool that is invaluable and cannot be taught academically. I honed this asset during in the ECM program and have found that divergence in points of view and disagreements can lead to profound  relationships and mutual respect, as is evident with my continued friendships with those who have deep ideological differences.  I use this tool daily in my professional career.

Lauren Skompinski (M.A. '11)
The Elections and Campaign Management master's from Fordham University has allowed me to, in conjunction with my law degree, have a broad understanding of policy, law, and the American electorate.

Tyrone Stevens
“I’ve always thought about political consulting and working on campaigns. The program has helped me build an extensive network with those in the field and [given me] opportunities to test out different angles to pursue in politics.”

Gergana Tomova (M.A. '11)
The ECM program was perfectly balanced and provided enough opportunities to gain theoretical, as well as practical knowledge.

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