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Adolfo Carrión Insists Mayoral Election Is a ‘Three-Way Race’     

Machine politics! Special Assembly election in Bronx riven by fraud, losers claim 

In Mayoral Race, Attacking Real Estate Industry but Taking Its Cash    

Democrats Square Off 

Despite attacks, Candidates Still take Real Estate Donations

This time, long odds for GOP in NYC mayor's race

Police tactic under fire in NYC mayor's race

Eliot Spitzer finding less forgiveness on Wall Street

Eliot Spitzer seeks political revival after prostitution scandal

Bloomberg Calls Stop-and-Frisk Ruling 'Dangerous'

Huntsman and No Labels seek to break D.C. gridlock

Eliot Spitzer spending big money on controller campaign as ex-hooker Ashley Dupree steps out

Slump in Polls Puts Quinn in Tight Spot

Poll: Anthony Weiner in first place among Dem candidates for NYC mayor (subscription required)

Disgraced Politicians Try to Stage their Second Acts

Despite blackout, Dracut scholarship drive lights up board with new record

Analysis: Obama to Republicans - Can we just move on?

Analysis: Obama shows combativeness entering second term but risks await

Leveling fields for the little guy

Poll Accuracy in the 2012 Presidential Election (updated 1/4/2013)

Fordham Study: Public Policy Polling Deemed Most Accurate National Pollster in 2012 

On the streets of the Bronx, they favour Obama. But not with the passion they had four years ago

US storm state calls army for vote help   

First Look at Polls in New Jersey and Virginia   

Romney campaign courts Florida Latinos via radio    

Targeting Latino Voters in Campaign Communications: New Evidence and Insights    

Party fundraising gives Republicans overall money lead 

Inquisitor via USA Today 

When The Debate Ends, The Advertising Debate Is Just Beginning

Presidential Polls 2012: Can the Polls be Trusted? Are the Polls Biased?  

Paul Ryan and Joe Biden vice presidential debate was good TV and good politics  

Vice President Biden and Rep. Paul Ryan prepare for debate this week in Kentucky   

Debate's real Loser might have been newsman Lehrer

Let the Debates Begin, but Do They Really Matter?

Obama Sweep! Now Leads in All Key States, Even N.C., Nevada, Colo.

Romney and Obama tied in Rasmussen Poll: Most Accurate Pollster in 2008 and 2004

Virginia Leans Left as Romney Slips

Is Putting Politics on Display Bad for Business?

Idealism gives way to reality in young voters

Will "anybody-but-Obama" strategy work for Romney?

The Two Faces of Nydia Velasquez: Champion of the Working Class, Darling of Wall Street

Obama sees the change... in himself  

Clinton Nominates Obama, Rebuts Romney on Jobs

The most accurate polls in the 2008 presidential election

For Sept. 11 anniversary, a turning point passed?

Flashback: Which presidential polls were most accurate in 2008?

Top Ten: What's this about a Russian sub in the Gulf of Mexico?
Parties' challenge: Make conventions exciting TV
Front-Runner Edge Emerges for Speaker
What's In A Keynote? Making A Splash At Conventions 

Health care win boosts Obama image, kicks up new election row 

Health Care win boosts Obama legacy, fires up conservatives

Obama: Will Bad Economy Cost Him Re-Election?

Eleccionies 2012: A la conquista del voto latino

Bid to End the Manhattan Mayoralty

Polls clash on Obama-Romney, but top pollster has Romney ahead

How Powerful is a Political Yard Sale

Michigan es una prueba de fuego para Mitt Romney

Super Tuesday: What Romney, Santorum and Co. spent to get here

Redistricting now in the hands of the court

Costas Panagopoulos has published "Firing Back: Out-Party Responses to Presidential State of the Union Addresses, 1966-2006," in Presidential Quarterly

Voters rebelling against caucuses

State of the Union 2012: Did the President Mix Policy and Politics?

In State of the Union, Obama touts military victories

Obama eyes voters, Romney in key address

South Carolina Primary Results: What Newt Gingrich's WinMeans

Like Obama? Vote for Gingrich

Newt Gingrich Presidential Bid

Redistricting Contest Announces Winning Entries

Students Create District Maps to Win Congressional Redistricting Contest

High Stakes

Iowa Caucus Results: What Do They Mean for N.H. and S.C.?

A close race in the nation's midsection

Iowa Caucus Results: Romney Edges Santorum

Iowa Caucus 2012: A Fordham University Expert Discusses the Election

New York Redistricting Project Opens at Fordham

'Occupy' protests trigger envy, ire in Generation X

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