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The core senior faculty are world-class scholars and teachers in the field of elections and campaign management including:

Thomas Basile  Thomas Basile, Esq.
Empire Solutions
Contributor to Forbes, the Blaze and Breitbart.  Recently elected Councilman for the Town of Stony Point, NY.
 Jeffrey Cohen Jeffrey Cohen, Ph.D.
Major Teaching and Research Interests:
American Political Institutions and Public Policy, more particularly the Presidency, the Mass Media, and Economic Policy
  Mary Dixon
Wildlife Conservation Society
 Richard Fleisher Richard Fleisher, Ph.D.
 Monica McDermott Monika McDermott
Joseph Mercurio  Joseph Mercurio
National Political Services
 Costas Panagoupolos Costas Panagopoulos, Ph.D.
Director, Elections and Campaign Management Program
  Jeffrey Plaut
Global Strategy Group
  Bart Robbett
Robbett Advocacy Media
Jason Weingartner  Jason Weingartner
New York Republican Party

Their work is widely known in the fields of political behavior and institutions. Instruction in applied courses is provided by leading experts in elections and campaign management who have extensive experience working in local, state and national political campaigns.

Fordham University prizes its commitment to mentorship that unites the graduate community. Students in the Elections and Campaign Management Program can expect to build lifelong bonds and enduring relationships with their colleagues and instructors.

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