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Shapoor Vali graduated from the National University of Iran with a BA in Political Economy. After graduation, he worked for the Institute for Social Research, University of Tehran for over 4 years, the last two years of it as coordinator of socio-economic study of the ancient city of Shiraz, which was part of the city’s master plan. After receiving his MS degree in Economics from University of Pittsburgh, he returned to Iran and taught at Motahedin University and then joined Iran Statistical Center (ISC), the information arm of the Organization for Planning and Budget. At ISC, He was the director of the division of Housing and Construction. He received his Ph.D. form University of Pittsburgh in 1988 and joined the teaching staff of Fordham College at Lincoln Center. His most recent article “Deriving the Trace of Optimal Output for a Noncompetitive Firm” appeared in March 2012 issue of the Atlantic Economic Journal. His book, Principles of Mathematical Economics, was published by Springer (Atlantis Press) in December 2013.

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