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Journal Articles

Interstate Risk Sharing in Germany: 1970-2006, with Juergen von Hagen, Oxford Economic Papers, vol. 65(1), January 2013, pp.1-24.

Fiscal Federalism in Germany: Stabilization and Redistribution Before and After Unification, with Juergen von Hagen. Publius - The Journal of Federalism, 42(2), Spring 2012, pp. 234-259.

Securitization and the Balance Sheet Channel of Monetary Transmission, with Uluc Aysun. Journal of Banking and Finance 35(8) , August 2011, pp. 2111-2122.

Consequences of Debt Relief Initiatives in the 1990s. Applied Econometrics and International Development , vol. 10(1), 2010, pp. 5-24.


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