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Journal Articles

Bhagabati, N.K., T. Ricketts, T. Sulistyawan, M.N. Conte, D. Ennaanay, O. Hadian, E. McKenzie, N. Olwero, A. Rosenthal, H. Tallis, and S. Wolny. 2014. Ecosystem services reinforce Sumatran tiger conservation in land use plans. Biological Conservation 169: 147-156.

Explaining the Price of Voluntary Carbon Offsets. with M.J. Kotchen. Climate Change Economics, 1(2):19-38, 2010.

Projecting Global Land-Use Change and its Effect on Ecosystem Service Provision and Biodiversity with Simple Models. with E.J. Nelson, H. Sander, P. Hawthorne, D. Ennaanay, S. Wolny, S. Manson, and S. Polasky. PLoS ONE, 5(12): 1-222, 2010.

Books and Book Chapters

Valuing Ecosystem Services. In Encyclopedia of Biodiversity, 2nd Edition, edited by S. Levin. Princeton University Press. 2013

Several chapters in Natural Capital: Theory and Practice of Mapping Ecosystem Services, edited by G. Daily, P. Kareiva, T. Ricketts, H. Tallis, and S. Polasky. Oxford University Press. 2011.


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