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Journal Articles

Globalization, Growth and Poverty, with D. Salvatore, Global Economic Journal 12(4), 2012.

Economic Development and Income Distribution, with D. Salvatore, Journal of Policy Modeling 29(4), 2007.

Agriculture Development in Sub-Saharan Africa, MEDIT (Mediterranean Perspectives and Proposals. Journal of Economics, Agriculture and Environment), Anno 7, Numero 4, Dec. 1996.

U.S. Family Income Distribution, Journal of Post Keynesian Economics, Spring, 1991.

Economic Development, Income Inequality and the Kuznets' U-Shaped Hypothesis, with D.Salvatore, Journal of Policy Modeling 10(2), 1988.

Books and Book Chapters

Income Distribution, with D. Salvatore, Oxford University Press, 2006.

A first Step towards Normalizing the Gini Coefficient, with D. Salvatore, in Research on Economic Inequality, D.J. Slottje, C.Dagum, and A.Lemmi, editors, JAI Press Inc., Greenwich, CT, Vol.6, 1995.


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