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In addition to his academic service, Joseph Cammarosano has served in two other capacities: one in public and the other in university service. In the former, he served as a staff member on the U.S. Bureau of Customs; fiscal economist in the U.S. Bureau of the Budget during the Kennedy Administration; consultant to the NYS Commission on the Revision and Simplification of the NYS Constitution; staff member and subsequent consultant to the NYS Tax Structure Study Committee; Chairman North Atlantic Regional Manpower Advisory Committee to the U.S. Secretaries of Labor and HEW; consultant on Urban Affairs Federal Voluntary Agency, Exec Office of the President; Associate Member U.S. National Manpower Advisory Committee; consultant to the Afro-American Training Program sponsored by the U.S Agency for International Development; consultant to the Public Development Corporation of the City of New York; Member Independent Budget Office Advisory Committee of the City of New York; and numerous other assignments in the private sector, including the NY Bell Telephone Company, academic institutions, the Archdiocese of New York, the Community Council of the City of New York, et al. In university service, he was the first President of the Faculty Senate, the University’s representative to the City of New York on Urban affairs; Chairman of his department; Chairman of the University Budget Committee; Executive Vice President of the University in which he played a critical role in extricating the University from its financial crisis of the early 1970’s; Financial Vice President of the University; a second tour of duty as Executive Vice President to assist the newly appointed President of the University, the Rev. Joseph A. O’Hare, S.J.; and served in numerous other capacities spanning a period of more than fifty years.

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