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Robert J. Brent is a Professor of Economics at Fordham University in New York and he is currently teaching Public Finance and Policy courses, and Statistics. He has lived and worked at Universities in the US, UK and Africa, and was Coordinator of the Strategic Planning and Governance Program at the Asian Development Bank Institute in Tokyo, Japan in 1998. His area of specialism is Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) and he has written four text-books, edited a fifth, and has had published over two-dozen articles on the subject related to health, mental health, transport, education and agriculture, covering both Developed and Developing countries. In 2003 Robert was given a Fulbright Research award to evaluate HIV/AIDS interventions in Tanzania and he lived there for 7 months. He has been working on HIV/AIDS interventions ever since then. His published articles cover condoms, female education, voluntary counseling and testing and anti-retroviral drugs in Africa. His recently completed research involves putting a value on stigma prevention and evaluating ARVs, both studies related to older adults with HIV in NYC.


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