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Journal Articles

Significance of Increasing Poverty Levels in Determining Late-Stage Breast Cancer Diagnosis in 1990 and 2000, with Nancy Breen and Michael Barrett. Journal of Urban Health, 89, 2012, pp. 614-627.

The Importance of Place of Residence in Predicting Late-Stage Diagnosis of Breast or Cervical Cancer, with Nancy Breen. Health and Place, 11(1), 2005, pp. 15-29.

Stage of Breast and Cervical Cancer Diagnosis in Disadvantaged Neighborhoods: A Prevention Policy Perspective, with Nancy Breen. American Journal of Preventive Medicine, September/October 1996. Vol. 12 (5), pp. 327-337.

Health Status and Lost Earnings of Hispanic and Non-Hispanic Women. New England Journal for Public Policy, Spring/Summer, 1996, Vol. 11 (2), pp. 155-169.

Family Employment Status and Labor Market Outcomes for Teens and Young Adults. Harvard Journal of Hispanic Policy, 1995-96, No. 9, pp. 25-46.

Books and Book Chapters

The Social and Economic Determinants of Health, with Peter Arno. In Jeff Madrick (ed.), Unconventional Wisdom: Alternative Perspectives on the New Economy, pp. 93-104. New York: The Century Foundation, 2000.

Effects of Living in a Poor or Underclass Neighborhood on Cancer Screening. In Proceedings of the 25th Public Health Conference on Records and Statistics, U. S. Dept. of Health and Human Services DHHS Pub. No. (PHS) 1996-1214, pp. 207-221, 1996.

Hispanics in the Labor Force: Issues and Policies. Edited by Edwin Melendez, Clara Rodriguez, and Janis Barry Figueroa, New York: Plenum Press, 1991.


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