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Program Description

Administered by the Center for Ethics Education

Program Description

The interdisciplinary bioethics minor introduces students to critical moral questions and informed ethical decision-making on issues related to individual, public and global health; professional health care decision-making; and health policy.  Bioethics minors will gain an interdisciplinary perspective on these topics through required and elective courses, including: an introductory bioethics course, thematic courses in the humanities and sciences, a values course and a research ethics capstone course.

Across courses, reflection and scholarly work on contemporary bioethics issues will be promoted through student assignments appropriate for submission to the Chynn Undergraduate Prize in Ethics.  In addition, the research ethics capstone course includes assignments to promote student presentations at the annual Fordham Undergraduate Research Symposium (see below).  Bioethics minors will also have valuable opportunities to contribute and participate in the Center for Ethics Education’s Annual Symposium as well as to attend the Center’s Ethics Colloquium Series seminars throughout the academic year.  
Finally, students have opportunities to interact with our mutidisciplinary faculty and contribute to ongoing research at the Center for Ethics Education. 

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Capstone Experience
All bioethics minors will be offered the opportunity to present their own bioethics research at the Fordham Undergraduate Research Symposium.  This valuable opportunity allows students to learn more about research and bioethics and experience in making a professional presentation.  Previous topics have included "Informed Consent to Biomedical Research," "Responsibilities Toward Vulnerable Populations," "A History of Research Ethics," "Ethics in Clinical Trials Research," and "The Ethics of Deception Research."

Students interested in the minor should contact Program Director Adam Fried, Ph.D., assistant director of the Center for Ethics Education.

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